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Cheers to The dream, the journey, and the future


Our Vision:
Premium Liquor Experience

Whether you are enjoying our spirits with friends and family, or seek corporate partnership for private labels, co-bottling, or distribution; we offer a premium liquor experience. From the highest quality spirits, to meticulous analysis and quality assurance during blending, to the finest details on each project label and marketing campaign, we pursue full satisfaction for our end customers, our clients, and ultimately ourselves.

Building in summer
Building at sunrise

Our Mission

To provide high-quality, innovative products and professional services, to foster economic development in the Parkland region, and to ensure long-term growth through regional, national, and international marketing and partnerships.

Our Journey

Grand Vieux Liquor Company was established in July 2017 by a group of whisky enthusiasts hoping to infuse their passion and community-first mantra into the spirits industry.  After years of highs and lows, alternating moments of ecstasy and bitter defeat, the team at GVLC persevered and finally began production of their flagship HARD SHOT Vodka in 2022.  The future looks bright for Grand Vieux and Grandview.

  • 08/2016

    It begins with a dream.  Future partners discuss bringing national-level industry back to small town Manitoba.

  • 07/2017

    Grand Vieux Liquor Co. Ltd. incorporated.

  • 08/2017

    Acquired former Recycling Depot lot acquired at 12 Jackson Street South in Grandview.  Municipality unanimously approves use for construction of distillery.  

  • 10/2017

    GVLC logo and branding developed.

  • 03/2018

    Began networking, researching, and sourcing still equipment for the distillery.  Experimented with unique product formulations and rapid aging technology for whisky.

  • 05/2019

    Contracted engineers and began development at 12 Jackson Street South.  Hit the first significant costs and delays.

  • 10/2019

    Digital density meter purchased for precision alcohol analysis.  

  • 12/2019

    Acquired former Manitoba Hydro building at 117 Government Road Allowance East in Grandview.  Development at 12 Jackson Street South suspended in favour of the new location.

  • 02/2020

    Contracted new engineered blueprints for renovating the Hydro building.  Began trademarking process for HARD SHOT starting line-up of products.

  • 05/2020

    Shifted focus from distilling to high volume blending and bottling.  Research and planning for automated packaging equipment.

  • 11/2020

    Contracted the manufacture of customized bottling line.  

  • 01/2021

    Renovations begin at GVLC.

  • 03/2021

    Concrete poured and walls completed in new production area.

  • 10/2021

    Acquired Excise Canada License to import, manufacture, and sell alcohol.

  • 12/2021

    Bottling line arrives at GVLC.

  • 01/2022

    GVLC awakens: exterior is completed with custom signage.

  • 02/2022

    Acquired LGCA Manufacturing License.  

  • 03/2022

    First batch of HARD SHOT Vodka is bottled.

  • 08/2022

    Collaboration formed with Writers & Rockers Coffee Company.  First batch of HARD SHOT Coffee Liqueur is bottled. 

  • 11/2022

    The HARD SHOT TASTING LOUNGE is completed and open for business.  Fine cocktails, great friends, country hospitality.

  • 04/2023

    HARD SHOT Orange Liqueur launched, an electric addition to the GVLC portfolio.

  • 07/2023

    The patio extension of the Hard Shot Lounge opens for summer.

  • 11/2023

    The swanky RED ROOM extension of the Hard Shot Lounge is completed. 

GVLC at night

The Future

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” 

-Abraham Lincoln

Hard Shot Lounge

Take a tour, catch up with friends, and enjoy the flavours of GVLC.  Featuring HARD SHOT products in a variety of cocktails and mocktails both nuanced and bold.

Retails sales of all sizes of liquor and branded merchandise.  Local Manitoba and Saskatchewan food products available to enjoy in the lounge or to purchase for home.

Open for business and private bookings as of November 2022.  All ages welcome, must be 18+ years old to consume alcohol per provincial regulations.

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE – please contact us for details.

Hard industrial themed tasting lounge at distillery