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Your name, our product.

Interested in a small run of HARD SHOT VODKA with your personal or company label? Starting at 240 bottles. For end-users, corporate gifts, or cross-marketing.

Anton Paar DMA 4500M


Density and alcohol content (ABV%) testing with our Anton Paar DMA 4500 M digital density meter. From 0% to >40%, verify that your processes are accurate and your products consistent.

Excise certified: vodka, beer, wine, mead, cider. 
Exact ABV% only (non-excise): gin, whisky, rum, other spirits, refreshment beverages, transparent liqueurs.
Other: kombucha, dealcoholized products.
Residual sugar analysis also available.

Analysis for turbid/cream liqueurs not currently available.


Your product, our process.

For manufacturers looking to scale up their production with our automated bottling facilities. Alcohol or non-alcohol, consistent and efficient.


Your idea, our network.

For entrepreneurs looking to bring their liquor idea to life. Your investment in sourced product and raw materials combined with our production capacity, licensing, and distribution network. Varying degrees of partnership available


Please contact our sales and marketing department if you are interested in:

  • Event Sponsorships
  • Team Sponsorships
  • Cross-Marketing
  • Lounge Retail Sales
  • Partnerships
  • Social Occasion Permits / Socials
  • Project Collaborations¬†
  • Exclusivity Contracts